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For health and safety reasons, in severe weather conditions, your bouncy castle booking will automatically be cancelled (unless it is in a hall).

health and safety

1, You must wear safety glass at all times when using the NERF gun

2, do not point the gun at any one else whilst using the NERF range

3, do not throw the guns

4, you will be liable for any damage to the equipment

5, the NERF range is not a bouncy castle so please do not attempt to jump on it

6, please respect other users and wait your turn

7, do not put the NERF darts in your mouth

8, no intentional face shots

9, no wrestling weapons away from people

10, only NERF guns to be used with this equipment, no water pistols at any time

11, you can use your own NERF guns but none using CO2

12, do not throw anything else at the range other than the NERF bullets

13, do not load or use damaged darts as they jam the guns, do not throw damaged darts away as they can be repaired

14, avoid putting darts in your pockets as it may damage them

Please enjoy yourself and stay safe


Blast your way to victory THE ultimate Nerf Gun experience is available for kids aged 6 and over all the fun and excitement of paint balling without the bruises and mess. We promote good sportsmanship, cooperation, integrity, strategic survival games and competitive battles. Nerf Gun parties are awesome, fun and safe. We offer a variety of games like, Capture the flag, Retrieve the bomb, snatch and grab, and free for all.
Nerf-war hire includes 20 guns, loads of ammo, team bibs, camo bunkers to hide behind, safety glasses (this is for equipment hire only)  you must organise the venue
2 hour hire is £100 and an extra £50 IF YOU WANT THE INFLATABLE NERF SHOOTING RANGE
DEPOSIT FOR HIRE IS £50          
Pictures to be added soon